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  Last updated
  18th March 2017

Boat Park Locations for Club Boats


Class Sail no. Name
E-1 Slipper 41 Del-Boy
E-2 Slipper 43 Tipsy
E-3 Slipper 44 Dipsy
E-4 Enterprise 13570 Jigsaw
E-5 Enterprise 12417 Blewitall
E-6 Enterprise 17315 Clockwork Orange
E-7 Lightning 214 Pink Gin
E-8 Lightning 308 Lighten-Up
E-9 Lightning 336 Millie
E-10 Lightning 244 Blue Streak
E-11 Hobie 405 406 Second Best
E-12 Laser 171960 Thor 1
E-13 Laser 171957 Thor 4
E-14 Laser 171953 Thor 5
E-15 Laser 171959 Thor 9
E-16 Optimist 5613 Sea Breeze
E-16 Optimist 5614 Sea Mist
F-5 RS Vision 239 Tupperware
F-8 Topper 60 Smudge-It
F-9 Topper 70 Top Hat
F-10 Topper 21575 Notalot
F-11 Buzz 473 Buzzy B-1
F-12 Buzz 474 Buzzy B-2
F-13 Topaz 1962 Little Gem

All boats, except the Lasers, Toppers and Oppis have their gear under their covers.

Laser Combo/Sail Bags, Topper Masts/Sails and Oppi Masts are located in our Private Store.

The key for this is in the Log Cabin, ask the Duty Officer for it.

Failure to return the key after use is probably one of the most sinful things you could ever do!