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  17th April 2019


Queendmead SC

Charges for membership for 2018/2019 include HOAC Registration Fee plus QSC Annual Subscription and are listed as follows:-

HOAC Annual Fee

QSC Annual Fee Total Annual Fee
Adult £78.00 £25.00 £103.00
Under 18/Full Time Educ. £35.00 £25.00 £60.00
Family Group £140.00 £50.00 £190.00

Family is defined as Father, Mother & Children under 18 or in full time education.
Persons joining on or after 1st October 2018 pay half the annual fee above.
Persons registered directly with HOAC or through another club pay QSC subscription only.
QSC Boats are available free to our members.

Boatparking Fees should be paid directly to HOAC. Please complete the Upgrade (Boatparking) Form to be found in the HOAC Brochure.

To download the membership application click here.
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