Queensmead YC - Round the Island Race 2009
RIR 2009 - Part 1 
Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 01:58 PM
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Round the Island Race 2009

Part 1 - The Story so far!

I would like to start by dispelling the popular myth of old, that a breakaway fraction of the sailing club had gone off to play with some bigger toys, was just a bunch of no hope drunken layabouts. Well it turns out that this elite group of people with special needs has now based its foundations on something a little more solid than a donner kebab washed down with Highland Park and a side order of Courvoisier, to start some serious training for the grueling Round the Island race, in which they have high hopes in not coming last.

Let’s meet the crew (Left to Right)

John Moore, Mark Haley, Graeme Hughes, Richard
Colgrave, Steve Littlejohn, Jimbo, Smudge, Bernie Banks.

The weekend started by the advance party carrying out all the formalities of the hand over and the correct provisioning of the yacht. Then we meet up with the rest of the crew at our Gosport headquarters were we began the unenviable task of mapping out the weekends training plan for the prevailing conditions. After much deliberation we decided that the original plan that was set at the pre trip meeting required only a little adjustment and we headed off back for an early night.

The morning came and it was as forecast – bright sunshine with a crisp breeze, so on that note we headed off for our breakfast of cereals and toast at the local coffee shop. On our return we spent about an hour or so going though all aspects of the yachts safety equipment and features so we were all fully in tune with her operational features. We asked a kind passer by if he would take the picture above as a bit of a keepsake for us all starting out on our epic adventure. You can see by his keen photographic skills he managed to capture the essence of what the group was about. The day was a complete success as we honed our skills in seamanship with the highlight being hitting a little over 9 knots with the kite up. We moored up gave the yacht and good going over so she was a shipshape again and headed off for a green leaf salad and a mineral water or two.

Sunday came and breeze had increased a tad gusting 50+ knots, so we opted to have a day of drills inside the harbour. After completing our routine engine checks we discovered that we had lost cooling water – so the team stepped into action and stripped down the water pump, replaced the impellor and we were off. We practiced our drills as you can see from one of our many man overboard simulation. The day flew by and the group was really beginning to gel into a great team each putting their own skill into the pot. We clean down the yacht, handed over the keys and got all our deposit back, made our farewells and with a slightly teary eye headed back.

Great weekend – job well done


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