Queensmead YC - Round the Island Race 2009
RIR 2009 - Part 2 
Monday, April 20, 2009, 02:52 PM
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Round the Island Race 2009

Part two - The search for perfection!

Well here we are again, the infamous Queensmead yacht crew are back in action for their second of three intensive sail training weekends before the big race where we are representing you. The Friday started with the usual formalities of the hand over and the correct provisioning of the yacht. Then we headed off to the Gosport headquarters and began tucking in to a nutritious meal before heading back for the night to finalize the weekends plan.

The morning came and it was damp, but the weather was improving. The next wave of crew arrived and we started to prepare ourselves. We demolished between us a couple of packets of fruit ‘n fibre with lashings of skimmed milk and mugs of tea, while the briefing was carried out. Then it was all hands on deck, the lines were slipped and with Smudge at the helm we quickly had the fenders stowed and the main up. Heading off towards the harbour entrance the genoa was unfurled, and into the Solent for a warm up of short tacks off in the direction of Cowes, to give us some space to practice our drills with the kite. On this day we were a man down – Richard who had pulled out at the last minute, but as you can see from the picture, a quick trip to the doc’s ,a night in bed, and a large dose of jollop and he made it back for the Sunday. The kite drills went well as we slowly perfected the art of raising and lowering the very large brightly coloured sail. After a couple of hours we packed away the kite and went off west bound for Lymington where a quiet night of rest and reflection was had in the comfort of the Mayflower.

Sunday came round all too fast as it was an early start .The gentleman relished at the thought of more practice. All washed and clean we knocked up some bacon sambo’s and a pot of coffee so we could discuss the finer points of the day until our missing crew member pulled himself from his pit. In the meantime we had a guest appearance from John Edwards who could not wait to share his views with us all. By now Richard had turned up looking like a new man, we waved off John and slipped out gracefully away from our berth. More drills were carried out and most of the crew were getting the hang of their roles and the team started to head back to the home port as fast as they could make the old girl go. Things were going great until as you can see by the piccy on the right a large bank of fog rolled in just as we were coming into Portsmouth. The crew with no prompting removed their racing heads and the boat was slowed down, the genoa was quickly furled to improve visibility and as you can see we sent our most quick witted member forward with the horn to protect us from other vessels. Safely docked we gave the old girl a good scrub and handed back the keys. Our fond farewells were made and we drove off wearily into the sunset.

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